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Cervi Robotics Sp. z o.o.

Vadym Melnyk CEO
E-mail: vadym@cervi.io
Short description:

Cervi Robotics is a hardware solutions company which is oriented in the field of robotics, mechatronics and electronics, autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles, machine learning and Internet of Things. Current lines of business are focused on rapid prototyping as well as research & development outsourcing for clients. Cervi Robotics exists on the market since 2015, our headquarter is located in the Aviation Valley in Jasionka-Rzeszow, south-east part of Poland. We expertise in using the Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles to develop aerospace projects as well as many other industry sectors.

Products & Services:
  • Dronhub Innovations – a first European project of fully autonomous docking station for industrial drones which was created in cooperation with the European Space Agency. The main assumption of Dronhub is to exclude a human factor in the use of drones. The fully-automated dock station is equipped with two separate battery management systems. Basing on the demand, Dronhub automatically charges or exchanges batteries using a specially designed robotic arm. The user has an access to a dedicated application allowing to plan a flight route, real-time preview to collected data. The product is used in patrolling and monitoring missions in various industries. Dronhub is a perfect tool for companies who seek a cost-effective autonomous monitoring solution. It has been tested for monitoring purpose in one of the biggest mining company in Poland, the railway company in Germany using thermal vision to inspect damages, radiation level monitoring for military grade institution. http://dronhub.eu
  • Airvein – autonomous transport system based on cargo drones dedicated to transport in urban areas. Airvein is the first European project dedicated to medical cargo transport, including life-saving blood transportation. The project has been supported by Minister of Development, Ministry of Health and Civil Aviation Authority. http://airvein.io

  • Services:
  • R&D projects and prototyping of devices in the field of automation and robotics, mechatronics, mechanics and machine building, machine learning, electronics.
  • 3D printing technology (FDM, SLA)
  • CNC machining
  • Composities
  • More info:
    Clients and partners:
  • European Space Agency,
  • Deutsche Telecom,
  • BizGarden,
  • Sis-Srem,
  • Military Technical Institute in Czech Republic,
  • uAvionics,
  • Aeropolis Science and Technology Park,
  • Aviation Valley Assosiation
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