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Spacive Ltd.

Short description:

Spacive Sp. z o. o., is a spin-off company founded in 2014 by a CBK group of managers and engineers. The company cooperates with a group of engineers from different specializations providing services for entities of the space sector. It conducts own research and development under MLI insulation technology and space environment simulator.

Products & Services:
Spacive sp. z o.o. specializes in thermal systems, mechanisms, space robotics and electronics. The company created a unique „layer-by-layer” MLI type insulation which allows to achieve even up to two times higher insulative properties.

The company offers services for:
  • development, manufacturing and testing the MLI insulation;
  • thermal vacuum tests at different stages of the project;
  • development of thermal control systems for satellites and their components;
  • structural analysis for space application using Patran/Nastran environment or Ansys;
  • designing of space mechanisms and constructions.
  • More info:
    The company has a mobile thermal shroud for vacuum chamber, that can be used as a space environment simulator, allowing tests in temperatures down to -196°C. Allowed dimensions of tested equipment: 700mm x 230mm x 230mm.

    The company completed many projects for domestic and foreign entities, including ESA and Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Göttingen. The company is a main contractor of the ESA projects:
  • "Development of 3D MLI and 3D test bed system for MLI properties measurement",
  • "Development of Multi-Layer Insulation technology”

  • Spacive sp. z o.o. has an experience with designing and simulation of space mechanisms (participation in JUICE mission) and designing electronic circuits (Development and validation of a laboratory model of a space robot containing a set of resistojet engines).

    Integracja prototypu modelu 3D MLI w cleanroom_Spacive

    Przykładowy model 3D MLI_Spacive

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