SPACE PL associates companies, science institutes and other organizations from the space sector creating favourable conditions for the development of members and representing them on key economic issues....

SPACE PL was founded on the 31st of October in 2012. It associates more than 30 members including large companies, small medium enterprises and science institutes from the space sector. SPACE PL acts on national scale to create favorable conditions for the development of members and to represent them on key political and economic issues. Organisation permanently cooperates with the state administration and international actors. SPACE PL is also close to student associations – we try to create the conditions for the emergence of new leaders of Polish astronautics. In 2014 SPACE PL becomes part of the internationally known network SME4Space and in 2015 entered to Polish Confederation Lewiatan.

Its foundamental mission is to boost and accelerate creation of Polish strong space industry, which will successfully compete on the European market. SPACE PL undertakes series of actions to support members which lead to consolidation businesses, science and research environments. We also wish technological achievements developed in space projects to serve best for Polish citizens and the economy.

Together we can create space sector in Poland.



March 2018

Space Sector Forum – save the date

May, 24th  that is a date we will be happy to welcome you to the 2th Space Sector Forum. Short reminder: 1st edition of the Forum, the one in 2016, gathered around 400 people, and 40 exhibitors. This year we will expect even more guests. More than 60 companies from Polish space sector representing all variety of technical capabilities and know-how. The main purpose of Space Sector Forum is to popularize space sector including previous Polish achievements which are outcomes of cooperation between companies and science institutes. Guests are we... więcej
March 2018

3rd Earth Observation Forum

On  April 5th 2018, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education along with Polish Space Industry Association is organizing 3rd  Earth Observation Forum The event is planned to be inaugurated by signing an agreement on performing the function of the national operator of satellite data on the basis of Terrestrial Cooperating Segment in Copernicus programme. During the Forum, its’ influence on companies and scientific bodies will be explained. This event i salso a great opportunity to learn about EO SEED project’s outcomes and to ... więcej
March 2018

Polish projects under Neptune

NEPTUNE which stands for “New Cross Sectoral Value Chains Creation across Europe Facilitated By Clusters for SMEs’ Innovation in Blue Growth“ is an innovation action project supported by the European Commission. The overall project’s objective is to foster the development of Blue Growth industries in Europe and beyond, namely: water management in urban and rural environments, fluvial and maritime transport and port logistics, renewable marine energy. This development is based on the construction of new value chains and the r... więcej
February 2018

Let’s welcome new companies…

Please join SPACE PL in welcoming new companies that joined the Association.... więcej