SPACE PL associates companies, science institutes and other organizations from the space sector creating favourable conditions for the development of members and representing them on key economic issues....

SPACE PL was founded on the 31st of October in 2012. It associates more than 30 members including large companies, small medium enterprises and science institutes from the space sector. SPACE PL acts on national scale to create favorable conditions for the development of members and to represent them on key political and economic issues. Organisation permanently cooperates with the state administration and international actors. SPACE PL is also close to student associations – we try to create the conditions for the emergence of new leaders of Polish astronautics. In 2014 SPACE PL becomes part of the internationally known network SME4Space and in 2015 entered to Polish Confederation Lewiatan.

Its foundamental mission is to boost and accelerate creation of Polish strong space industry, which will successfully compete on the European market. SPACE PL undertakes series of actions to support members which lead to consolidation businesses, science and research environments. We also wish technological achievements developed in space projects to serve best for Polish citizens and the economy.

Together we can create space sector in Poland.



November 2017
5th bday

We turned 5!

On October 30th we turned 5. It was an exciting time, and very work-consuming. Many things changed in these 5 years. We not only aged but also have grown – from 16 founding organization to 59 members. For last 5 years, our members served the development of Polish space sector. Which we hope to support in upcoming years of our work.... more
September 2017

NEPTUNE – Blue Growth Accelerator, an evaluation ..

In the 15th of September was the last day of proposal submission during second cut off date in the NEPTUNE. The project evaluation will take place untill begining of November, when the results will be publicized.     For more information please writhe: biuro@space.biz.pl, or visit NEPTUNE webside: http://www.neptune-project.eu/ We also advise you to see our youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QtEm6b1Po4     NEPTUNE... more
May 2017

NEPTUNE Webinar and International Brokerage Event Invitation

After the success of the first B2B online meetings, NEPTUNE project partners will organise a second online International Brokerage Event (IBE) on June the 8th 2017 from 9:00 to 17:30 CET in support of the NEPTUNE Call for Expression of Interest addressed to SMEs and would-be entrepreneurs. This event will be preceded by a Webinar on NEPTUNE opportunities held on 1st of June 2017 from 10:00 to 11:30 CET. The IBE will support the project emergence ... more
March 2017
PSW_1 (1)

Polish Space Sector during Paris Space Week in March

Polish Space Industry Association (SPACE PL) was present during Paris Space Week (PSW) held on 8-9th of March. The event was one of the biggest in the space sector around Europe. SPACE PL with Polish Space Agency and Industrial Development Agency had promoted the national competences of space sector. During two days event organisators were responsible for networking activities along with promotion and creation of business relations. Polish space ... more