SPACE PL associates companies, science institutes and other organizations from the space sector creating favourable conditions for the development of members and representing them on key economic issues....
RN Łukasiewicz – SPACE PL meeting
6 September 2019

The Polish Space Industry Association is involved in the development of its members and therefore together with the Research Network Łukasiewicz is organizing a meeting between companies and institutes that are part of the Research Network Łukasiewicz on 11th September.

This meeting is aimed at helping to establish cooperation in the field of R&D in order to solve problems / cooperation in projects. We assume that institutes and companies in projects encounter problems that could be solved through proper cooperation between them. For example, if a given entity does not have specialists in the area necessary to implement a certain idea, it may establish cooperation with a selected Institute that is a part of the Research Network Łukasiewicz. Such partnerships may also contribute to the upcoming Fast Track NCBiR dedicated to space technologies.

We hope that such initiatives will serve companies and result in new projects between companies and the Research Network Łukasiewicz.

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