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Agnieszka Stabrawa
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InPhoTech conducts research, development and production of innovative optical fibers solutions applicable in many industries. The company conducts scientific research, development of photonics and development of innovative optical fibers devices and components. InPhoTech carries out modelling, fabrication, research and development of specialty optic fibers (including microstructured, photonic crystal, plastic and plastic microstructured), innovative optical fiber components and photonic devices. Such photonic technology are developed for telecom, metrology, quality analysis, medical, mining, space, transport and safety applications.

Products & Services

Photonic technologies offer a unique set of properties that are vital from the point of view of space missions, such as low power consumption, lack of electromagnetic interference, reduction of the amount of cabling or small size and weight.
For the space industry, we offer in particular:

  • Passive and active optical fibers which are insensitive to cosmic radiation, carrying a signal between on-board devices
  • Active multicore optical fibers for optical fiber amplifiers
  • Passive multicore optical fibers for sensors
  • Optical fibers for high temperatures and strongly acid / alkaline environments
  • Optical fibers sensor systems (temperature, stress, pressure, vibration) adapted for operating in space Technology of integration of optical fibers with composites and metals.



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In addition to the listed, InPhoTech specialty fibers technology includes:

  • Preform technology, also by customer project
  • Drawing towers: for silica glass, soft glasses and polymers
  • Specialty fibers such as: multicore, highly nonlinear, highly birefringent, extremely high or low NA, exceptionally low bending loss, active, multi core, and multi clad etc.
  • Fiber components including classical and microstructured fibers, pigtails, patchcords, efficient splices, fiber attenuators, fibers with tunable parameters (attenuation, birefringence, nonlinearity, mode field area, numerical aperture etc.)
  • Technology of specialist and unconventional light-sources (including broadbend light-sources and power lasers)
    Clients and Partners
  • Airbus Defence&Space
  • Goosh&Housego
  • Members of Polish Cluster of Photonics and Optic fibers,Fibrain
  • Maria Curie-Sklodowska University