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Łukasz Maciejewski
Member of the Supervisory Board
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Our mission is to deliver world class engineering and R&D services with yet reasonable costs. We employ passionate engineers with experience gained in R&D and engineering departments of leading Polish and international companies. They are authors or co-authors of patented design solutions. They participate in international research projects in cooperation with consortia of European universities and research institutes. Numerical simulations are indispensable in nowadays design process. Thanks to Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) today new designs are optimized, cost effective and better suited to customer needs. At the same time costs of experimental investigations can be reduced. Simulations support identification and elimination of the weakest points of the structures already at the design stage. In addition, in the early stages of the design process operational risks can be identified and then monitored and mitigated during further stages or during operation.

Products & Services


  • Numerical Analyses

We offer R&D and consulting services based on numerical analyses, mainly employing Finite Elements Method (FEM). In our activities we rely on ANSYS by ANSYS Inc. and Code_Aster developed by EdF. We specialize in static strength, dynamics, fatigue, fracture, anisotropic materials modelling and coupled fields analyses.

  • Structural Integrity Assessments

Our employees are experienced and ready to answer your questions on structural integrity and lifetime of structures based on European and American norms (DNV, ABS) as well as world recognised guidelines e.g. FKM or FITNET. They attain competencies mainly in R&D activities in power generation and offshore, Root Cause Analyses and scientific projects.

  • Piping and Pressure Vessels Design

Part of our offer is a full range of design services in the field of piping systems and pressure vessels including 3D modelling, structural integrity assessments, branches coordination and collision detection, hangers, fittings, supports of piping systems and support structures. Our documentation is ready for approval by notified bodies.

  • Engineering Software

In the field of engineering software in our offer you will find a range of Bentley Systems software from PLANT, PIPE, Project Data Management and CAD branches. We also customize develop and deploy dedicated tools to enhance your engineering experience and extend capabilities of your FE codes like ANSYS, Code_Aster and others.

  • Measurements

Our offer comprises experimental modal analysis (EMA), vibration measurements including operation deflection shape (ODS), strain and temperature fields measurements, pressure vessels monitoring, piping systems monitoring, damage localization and monitoring of a high strength composite structures.


TD 15 Mechanisms & Tribology
TD 20 Structures & Pyrotechnics
TD 21 Thermal
TD 24 Material & Processes
TD 25 Quality, Dependability and Safety
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  • energetic;
  • pipelines and tanks;
  • industry machine;
  • biomechnic;
  • software;
  • measurements;
  • training.


  • Turbogenerator rotor for nuclear application
  • Rotor dynamics analyses and integrity assessment of key retrofitted rotor components followed by the experimental testing of the redesigned parts.


  • Piping and ducts for NOx installation

Design of piping and ducts system for NOx installation in a power plant with detailed numerical analyses and optimisation of key components.

  • Pressurised components for loose materials transport

Numerical simulations followed by structural integrity assessment of pressurised components for loose materials transport being subject of approval by notified bodies.

  • Reduction of a cooling system vibrations

Experimental data analysis, numerical simulations and introduction of a successful design solution for vibrations reduction and life time extension of a H2O cooling system.

  • Naval shafts machine tool

Numerical analyses, stiffness and structural integrity assessment of a welded structure for naval shafts machining tool.


  • main suppliers of power generating devices in UE;
  • suppliers of transport in the USA;
  • universities and instituties of science;
  • other industry.