SatRevolution S.A.
Tomasz Poźniak
Chief Development Officer
Short Description

SatRevolution is a Polish space industry start-up operating since 2016 in Wrocław. The company is specialized in design, production, integration and testing of nanosatellites. The enterprise is currently working on Poland’s first EO satellite – Światowid which is set to be launched at the end of 2018. Utilising technologies and experiences gathered during works on Światowid SatRevolution has developed a flexible satellite platform SR-NANO-BUS. This device is to be used to develop nanosatellites within CubeSat standard. First customers of this product are universities AGH University of Technology and Grenoble University. SatRevolution is researching number of nanosatellite technologies including propulsion (PPT ion engine) power and communication systems.

Products & Services
Services & applications based on data from EO satellites


  • Flexible satellite platform SR-NANO-BUS


  • Vacuum and EMC testing of space systems



TD 1 On Board Data Systems
TD 2 Space System Software
TD 3 Spacecraft Electrical Power
TD 8 System Design & verification
TD 14 Life & Physical Sciences
TD 16 Optics
TD 17 Optoelectronics
TD 19 Propulsion
TD 20 Structures & Pyrotechnics
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Clients and partners:

  • AGH University of Science and Technology – recipient of SR-NANO-BUS satellite platform which will be utilized to construct a student satellite KrakSat whose main purpose is to test an innovative reaction wheel,
  • Grenoble University – recipient of SR-NANO-BUS satellite platform which will be used to construct a student EO satellite AMICal Sat developed by Grenoble University Space Centre’s team. Satellite’s mission will be to study aurorae.