On May 26-27, 2020, Warsaw will become the international capital of the space sector for the third time thanks to the Space Sector Forum 2020.

The second edition of the Forum, which took place on May 24, 2018, was very popular – we hosted about 460 people, both guests and speakers. It was also the only such a large presentation of the achievements of Polish research and development centers and enterprises in the space sector. The forum was organized by the Polish Space Industry Association, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. In the next, third edition, the purpose of the meeting will be to disseminate knowledge about the achievements of the Polish space sector to date, as well as to indicate its potential development directions on the international arena and in European Union programs.

We hope that the third edition will bring even more interested people. As in 2018, during the Space Sector Forum there will be a conference and exhibition with the participation of domestic and foreign space enterprises and scientific institutes, during which projects, products and services developed in the projects of the European Space Agency, European Union, National Center for Research and Development will be presented. or by own means. The event gives a unique opportunity to gather information about past, present and future activities of the Polish space sector. The Space Sector Forum is also a field for discussing current key issues related to space and strengthening cooperation on a national and international scale.