The 11th European Economic Congress (EEC), the largest economic event in Central Europe, will be held on 13-15 May 2019 in the International Congress Centre and Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland. The event will be accompanied by the European Start Up Days. Polish Space Industry Association will also be present at this European Economic Congress.

Among the events accompanying the 11th European Economic Congress will be a meeting of young and innovative businesses with representatives of corporations during the 4th European Start-up Days (14-15 May 2019) and the 5th edition of the EEC Project – Leaders of Tomorrow, which encourages young people to become involved in public life, inspires them to act and promotes active civic attitudes.

The previous, 10th anniversary edition of the European Economic Congress (14-16 May 2018) attracted a record number of over 11,500 participants. The European Start-up Days, held in the neighbouring Spodek Arena, was visited by over 2,500 people, while the EEC Project – Leaders of Tomorrow welcomed 2,000 students.

A wide range of topics covers a number of main areas, which results in more than one hundred debates, sessions, meetings and other events. This year’s debate will tackle such themes as the role of young people in transforming Europe and the future of the European Union, correlations between expansive technologies and economic and social development, international economic cooperation or sustainable development issues.

This year, the space sector will also be on the agenda. On May 15, 2019, between 9.30 and 11.00, a session entitled Space industry in Europe and Poland will take place in Conference Room 7

Thematic scope is:

  • Space technologies – a European specialisation? Far-reaching objectives and results of activities to date
  • Condition and prospects for the sector. Leading companies, investments and institutional support
  • Poland’s sector of space technologies in cooperation with ESA – achievements and plans
  • Polish specialisations. Upstream (nanosatellites) or downstream (terrestrial services, data processing)?


  • Aleksandra Bukała – Creotech Instruments – Managing Director
  • Agata Kołodziejczyk – Analog Astronaut Training Center – Director of Scientific Projects
  • Zygmunt Krasiński –Director, National Contact Point for EU Research Programs
  • Adam Piotrowski – VIGO System – President
  • Michał Szaniawski – Polish Space Agency – acting President
  • Damian Szczerbaty –  Astronika Sp. z o.o. – General Counsel
  • Paweł Wojtkiewicz –  Polish Space Industry Association (Związek Pracodawców Sektora Kosmicznego) – Chairman of the Board

 Moderator – Jacek Ziarno –  ‘Nowy Przemysł’ Economic Magazine – Editor-in-Chief.

Agenda of the event and registration available on the website: