The Polish Space Industry Association together with Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. have started the 7th edition of the “The Polish Space Fellowship Program”. 

The winners will be given the opportunity to complete internships in the Polish space companies and R&D entities. The schedule of the competition is as follows:

Start of enrolment among companies and R&D entities  – 07.03.2022
The end of enrolment among companies and R&D entities – 11.03.2022
Announcement about the competition for interns – 14.03.2022
Start of enrolment among interns – 21.03.2022
The end of enrolment among interns – 30.04.2022
Start of interviews – 04.05.2022
The end of interviews (the 1st stage) – 25.05.2022
The end of all interviews (the 2nd stage) and final decision on taking the inters – 17.06.2022
Announcement of the interviews’ outcomes – 24.06.2022
Start of internships – 01.07.2022 or  01.08.2022
The end of internships – 30.11.2022 or  31.12.2022.

In order to participate in the competition, you are required to be a student at least a final year of engineering studies or master’s studies or a graduate with a master’s, engineer’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree or an individual with an open doctoral program as well as scientists with a doctoral degree who obtained the degree within 24 months before the date of announcement of the competition (preferred technical faculties). The first stage of the competition includes submitting applications by companies and R&D entities that wish to take interns (with at least ten internships from micro, small or medium-sized enterprises). The list of entities eligible to take interns is to be published on the SPACE PL website. The second stage of the competition includes receiving applications from interested candidates and interviews. Candidates with positive results of interviews will receive an offer to complete internships in dedicated space companies or R&D entities.

The competition’s organizers provide up to 19 (nineteen) internship vacancies.

Bylaw (without attachments) is available here:   Internship Agreement_2022_en Rules of the intership competition_2022_l en