First factory facilities were founded in Okecie District of Warsaw in 1928. Since then, 22 aircraft models were designed and released for serial production. In all nearly 6000 aircraft left the premises of the factory and were sold to more than 30 countries. PZL-23 Karas, PZL-37 Los, PZL-104 Wilga, PZL-106 Kruk and PZL-130 Orlik were and are the main models.

In 2001 the factory was sold by the Polish Government to EADS CASA (presently Airbus Military), who have got now 78% shares with 18% of shares belonging still to the Polish Government and 4% to the factory employees.

As result, EADS PZL is one of the EADS companies, commited with the best standards and industrial processes of the biggest aeronautical company in Europe and all over the world.

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