One of a new member of SPACE PL is Adaptronica.

ADAPTRONICA is an SME of R&D profile, providing consulting services, offering products and doing research related to the field of smart technologies.

Smart technologies encompass interdisciplinary technological solutions including elements of mechanics, electronics and vibroacoustics. The solutions are based on smart materials, e.g. piezoelectric or magnetostrictive materials, magneto-rheological fluids, etc., in terms of hardware and on up-to-date or self-developed analyzing and control algorithms in terms of software. Applications of smart technologies allow for a radical increase of the reliability of engineering structures, e.g. airplanes, railway vehicles, bridges, etc., during their lifetime on the one hand and for preserving their integrity in extreme conditions on the other. This goes in parallel with the requirements of safety engineering.

ADAPTRONICA is a spin-out SME, having its roots in the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPPT PAN) in Warsaw. The majority of its staff are young and highly-qualified engineers, strongly motivated to implement their technological ideas for the benefit of various industries. Most of our team are experts holding PhD degrees in various fields of engineering.

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