CloudFerro is a Polish technological start-up. It was established at the beginngin of 2015 by a group of experienced executives of IT and telco business.

Data centers are the middle of modern digital universe. Most of the data processing and storage, and internet traffic happens in data centers. CloudFerro wants to provide services that will ease the access to this digital ecosystem, that lives in data centers.

CloudFerro services are based on a consistent cloud computing model. In this model CloudFerro provides the following elements of IaaS infrastructure:

Public cloud services based on OpenStack:
  1. Virtual Machines (VMs)
  2. Block data storage
  3. Object data storage
  4. Virtual networks for VM and baremetal server connectivity
  5. Other services like Firewall as a Service, Loadbalancer as a Service etc.
Dedicated (baremetal servers) integrated in one dashboard with cloud services
Private OpenStack clouds
Other services like domains, IP addresses, internet access and data transmission between data centers, antiDDoS services

We direct our services to business customers as well as operators (in white label model).

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