The consortium led by Dronehub (formerly Cervi Robotics) will prepare a software project for creating automatic orthophotographs with the use of drones, as well as transferring and archiving the collected data. Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju (The National Center for Research and Development) has granted PLN 6.9 million for the development of such a system. It will enable us to prepare orthoimages of the terrain surface without the need for human involving and covering large areas.

The planned system will allow drones to use the docking stations when they move. Thanks to this solution, drones will be able to launch and land as well as replace or recharge the battery without wasting time on returning to a stationary docking base. Drones will perform tasks without human interference and in a continuous mode. The company plans also to develop precise algorithms thanks to which the drones carrying out their tasks will be able to use the docking station when they are on the move and at a speed of up to 30 km/h.

The solution will be used primarily in agriculture, industrial facilities, and in monitoring and protection, including tasks carried out by public uniformed services.

The grant was awarded by the Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju within the frame of the „Intelligent Development 2014-2020” EU Operational Program. The project is scheduled for 25 months – from February 2021 to February 2023.

Dronehub is the only manufacturer in the world of a docking station that enables automatic battery replacement in drones. Thanks to this solution, ships can perform tasks 24/7 without human involvement. The company is a member of the Polish Space Industry Association (SPACE PL). It collaborates on a project basis with the European Space Agency and the European Defense Agency. Dronehub software and hardware are used among others by the Polish refineries.