FastLogic became a new member of SPACE PL in the begining of January. The company is a modern organized team of engineers and scientists dealing with specialized projects in the field of modern electronics and software for embedded systems. FastLogic support the realization of projects at each stage of product  development, from research and development through prototyping to mass production. The team’s area of ​​competence includes both electronic systems based on modern, high-speed digital circuits like FPGAs, DSPs and SoCs as well as analog solutions – from dedicated signal conditioning circuits to specialized switching power circuits. Company’s team has extensive experience in the design and implementation of low-level software for embedded systems. FastLogic has practiced dedicated software development tools, which we use to perform the programming tasks in the field of implementation of methods of signal analysis and processing, to develop specialized drivers for Linux, Windows and real-time operating systems, as well as for critical applications. For particularly demanding projects the company also realize specialized IP blocks (HDL) for implementation in reconfigurable FGPAs or ASICs.

More information about the company: