European Space Agency published invitation to tender of Polish Industry Incentive Scheme (PLIIS), No AO8433.

The current call will be permanently open with scheduled submission deadlines for outline proposals. The ESA intention is to earmark a budget of 7 million euro for the following 12 months.  The call will include activites as described below:

1. Flight Hardware activities, with preference for those related to satellite platform technologies and sensors or to generic technologies with potential for re-use (the start TRL shall be at least 3 and the target TRL1 shall be at least 5),

2. Research and Development activities (including technology demonstrations, industrial processes and their qualification/certification) leadeing to products (hardware or software) or to generic technologies with potential for re-use (the start TRL1 shall be at least 2 and the target TRL 4 or below),

3. Preparatory activities (e.g. feasibility studies, technology assessments, user requirements or market surveys) and ESA mission related services to support national competitiveness in ESA programmes (optional and mandatory) to which Poland subscribes,

4. Space applications, products and services making use of space infrastructure that is already existing or scheduled for operation in the near term, (the start TRL1 shall be at least 4. Note: education and awareness activities shall not be considered in the present call).