The Polish Space Industry Association participated in the process of consulting the National Space Program, organizing a series of meetings and workshops with representatives of the space sector in Poland with the Polish Space Agency. Space PL emphasizes and appreciates the fact that the Polish Space Agency (POLSA), in order to meet the expectations of entities associated in the Association, has undertaken close cooperation with the industry. During this consultation process, entrepreneurs and representatives of institutes had the opportunity to speak and comment on the content of the document. Some of the remarks submitted in this way were included in the draft National Space Program for 2019-2021 (draft document as at 17/10/2018), which in the understanding of entities associated in the Association is a temporary document against the relevant National Space Program document covering a longer time horizon.

One of the most important recommendations of the Polish Space Industry Association in the matter of the NSP project was to indicate in the document which projects are key for the implementation of the programme. The document rightly indicates that the implementation of „Large Projects” is the most important element of the program and constitutes its foundation. Space PL recommended emphasizing this approach in the chapter „Large projects”. In addition, not only „Large projects” should be indicated as those that form the basis of the NSP. It was also recommended to indicate projects in the downstream area as those that constitute the most important part of the program. The NSP should equally stimulate the development of the upstream and downstream segments to bring Poland closer to achieving the main objective of the Polish Space Strategy. In the opinion of Association, the recipients of the document should also receive clear information which groups of projects should receive financing as the first and thus guarantee the proper implementation of the National Space Program. In the consultation process, the Space PL recommended, in accordance with the Polish Space Strategy, that the National Space Program should contain a number of activities and projects that would „Spread the use of satellite data in public administration” and „develop commercial services”. In line with the approach suggested by entities associated in the Polish Space Industry Association, these commercial services should be provided on equal terms by both public and private entities in order to meet the following objective set out in the Polish Space Strategy: „Polish public administration will use satellite data for faster and more effective implementation of their tasks, and domestic enterprises will be able to fully satisfy the internal demand for such services and export them to other markets. ” During the consultation process, the Space PL has developed a number of detailed recommendations for the National Space Program for 2019-2021 (draft document for 17/10/2018), which are available after prior contact with the Office of the Association.

Polish Space Industry Association emphasizes the importance of the National Space Programs for the development of the space sector in Poland. Entities affiliated to the Space PL perceive the Program as the second, next to the European Space Agency programs, a key element allowing the building of competitive advantage of Polish enterprises on the European and global space market. In order for the National Space Program to fulfill its task, the Polish Space Agency should be equipped with appropriate instruments allowing its implementation. In the understanding of entities associated in the Polish Space Industry Association, these are mainly tools enabling POLSA to independently launch and finance (from the POLSA budget) some projects indicated in the National Space Program.