IRES Technologies sp. z o.o. is a company specialized in the delivery of the complex electronic systems. Besides the system integration using components available on the market, our main advantage is development of the own standardized and custom (depending on the end user needs) solutions including: PCB design, FPGA development, Embedded systems, Software applications development, Linux administration and development

Moreover, IRES Technologies sp. z o.o. has been founded as electronics and software company supporting the scientific projects, mostly related to the experimental physics. The company has experience in development of the control and data acqusition systems in the following areas: Nuclear spectroscopy, Particle accelerators, Plasma physics, Astrophysics, astroparticle physics and space projects. Apart from the scientific market, the company is ready to design and deliver specialized electronic systems for the industry, in the areas where COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) solutions do not meet the requirements. The enterprise’s founders have a wide experience in the field of the electronics dedicated for physics experiments, gained during their former and current cooperation with world famous research institutes.

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