Space and telecommunications law will be the subject of the event entitled International Conference of ELSA Warsaw on Space and Telecommunications Law, which will be held remotely on March 26-27, 2021. The conference is organized by the European Law Students Association (ELSA Poland). The event is organized under the patronage and with the participation of the SPACE PL.

According to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, outer space does not belong to any state. The agreement bans on the placing of weapons of mass destruction there, the organization of military stations and bases. It obliges the international community to monitor launched spacecraft and their remains. However, the Treaty does not lays down the rules for the exploitation of natural resources, because it was difficult to predict such a possibility at that time. Although the planet is to be the common good of all mankind, the resources extracted will most likely belong to whoever did it.

One of the unique raw materials on the moon is helium-3, which can become an energy source for fusion reactors. Its resources will last at least 10,000 years. This element practically does not exist on Earth. Apart from it, water, gold, platinum and other rare elements important for the development of modern technologies and electronics, may also be present in significant amounts. Space mining will be a key factor for human presence beyond the Earth for a long time – both on the Moon or Mars.

Currently, the US and China conduct the most advanced work on the launch of manned missions to the moon.

Details of the conference will be presented at a later time.