We are happy to announce that on July 15 this year. The National Center for Research and Development has announced a competition for Supporting industrial research and experimental development works or experimental development works for the thematic path: COSMIC TECHNOLOGIES.

The call for proposals will start on September 2 and will end on November 15 this year. The contest’s budget is PLN 300 million. (including PLN 50 million in the Mazowieckie Voivodship and PLN 250 million in other voivodships).

The subject of this contest was created in response to the recommendations and proposals presented in the analysis entitled Map of development of markets and technologies for the space sector in Poland (BTR), developed as a result of the implementation of Smart Lab, p. „Space technologies and their application in the economy”.

The competition is open to:

• enterprises  implementing the project themselves or

• enterprises included in the consortium, consisting of not more than 3 companies, or

• enterprises and scientific units that are part of the consortium.

The competition will co-finance projects that:

• include industrial research and experimental development work or experimental development work;

• they may also include pre-implementation work.

The implemented projects should include research and development works aimed at developing, testing and implementing specific products and technologies in the following thematic areas:

1. Satellite observation of the Earth (EO – Earth observation), among others, active and passive systems, systems in the broad spectrum of waves;

2. Systems and subsystems of small satellites, in accordance with the Space 4.0 / New Space trend, among others in the field of power supply, on-board computers and their software, navigation systems receivers, communication systems, drive systems;

3. Testing of satellite infrastructure (including systems and subsystems), EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment), MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment);

4. Micro-satellite platforms, integration of small satellites (nano, micro);

5. Situational awareness systems in space (SSA – space situational awareness) in the field of sensors and data processing from sensors, service provision, modeling;

6. Lifting systems, including in the field of orbital / suborbital missile systems;

7. Space robotics systems – m.in. in the field of orbital robotics (servicing, deorbitation, etc.), as well as planetary robotics (systems of penetration, transport, etc.);

8. Systems of aggregation and processing of satellite data;

9. Applications processing and based on satellite data, including in the scope of EO and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

In addition, the project should also be part of at least one National Intelligent Specialty (KIS).

More information and all necessary documents can be found at: https://www.ncbr.gov.pl/index.php?id=33717&L=0%23a6_u1%23a54_u2%23a54_u2%23a6