Welcome on the board


Nobo Solutions joined the Polish Space Industry Association.


Company mission is to deliver world class engineering and R&D services with yet reasonable costs. Nobo Solutions is a company which employs passionate engineers with experience gained in R&D and engineering departments of leading Polish and international companies. The specialists are also authors or co-authors of patented design solutions. They participate in international research projects in cooperation with consortia of European universities and research institutes.


Nobo Solutions offers the numerical simulations which are indispensable in nowadays design process. Thanks to Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) today new designs are optimized, cost effective and better suited to customer needs. At the same time costs of experimental investigations can be reduced. Simulations support identification and elimination of the weakest points of the structures already at the design stage. In addition, in the early stages of the design process operational risks can be identified and then monitored and mitigated during further stages or during operation.


Company’s fields of main activity are:

– energetic;

– pipelines and tanks;

– industry machine;

– biomechnic;

– software;

– measurements;

– training.


For more information go to: http://www.nobosolutions.com/en