We have completed the 5th edition of the internship competition „Development of human resources in the space sector”. The competition, which is organized in cooperation with ARP (The Industrial Development Agency), is a crucial element of the space sector development. It yearly enjoys high popularity among young engineers. This year, 9 interns have been selected. They will start a half-year internship in dedicated space companies.

The inauguration of the internships took place on September 2 through teleconference. Apart from interns, representatives of the government and administration attended the event, including Wojciech Murdzek – minister of science, Krzysztof Mazur – deputy minister of development and Michał Szaniawski – president of the Polish Space Agency. Organizers of the competition were represented by Pawel Kolczyński – vice-president of the ARP and Paweł Wojtkiewicz – president of  SPACE PL – the Polish Space Industry Association. In the frame of the event, the debate on the space industry perspectives took place with the participation of the European Space Agency representatives.

This year, 101 candidates per 15 vacancies run in the competition. According to rules, there was only one vacancy per participating company. As a result of the recruitment, only nine of 15 companies selected candidates.

The internships (in majority cases) will start in September and last six months. Each intern is due to receive remuneration financed partly by ARP (up to 50%) and member companies that applied for the competition and recruited the candidates.

The competition has been organized since 2015. It is aimed at recruiting highly qualified staff for the space sector. Since 2012, when Poland has joined the European Space Agency, the space industry has become one of the most dynamic and prospective sectors of the Polish industry. It is a source of technological innovation and the creator of unique know-how. Every year, SPACE PL helps its members to recruit young engineers who want to relate their career paths to the space industry.

The list of winners and the companies that will receive the interns you can find under the tab “Staże 2020” on our website’s Polish language version.