November abounds in noticeable signs of Poland’s presence in space, which we present below:

Already on Monday, November 26, the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology organizes an event related to the landing of the Insight mission, which will take place at the Copernicus Science Center.

The event includes the following elements:

  • Exhibition of products related to the space sector from 3 pm to 9:30 pm (open part of the event);
  • Conference part of the event from 19 (after online registration of participants), including:
  • Presentation of the activities carried out by Astronika regarding the role of the company in the Insight mission,
  • Transmission from NASA dedicated to the landing of the Insight mission.
  • Lectures on:
  • Can potatoes grow on Mars? (Tomasz Rożek)
  • The history of Mars research (Krzysztof Ziołkowski)
  • The history of Polish penetrators (Jerzy Grygorczuk)
  • Astronika – 7 space mechanisms



In addition, during the flight of the Falcon 9 rocket, whose flight will take place on November 28, the ESEO satellite will be elevated to the low orbit.
The satellite was created as part of an international project lasting 18 years, involving 40 people on the Polish side and 290 students of the Wrocław University of Technology under the direction of Ph.D. Paweł Kabacik.
Nobo Solutions, as one of the national partners of the Wrocław University of Technology, participated in the project by carrying out simulation and experimental studies of onboard electronics.

The detailed scope of work concerned:

– mechanical and thermal loads,
– analysis of the effort of the body, electronic circuits, PCBs and soldered connections,
– experimental modal analysis (validation of models).

The results of the work were confirmed during acceptance tests in laboratory conditions. However, the most important test will be the planned start.


We are delighted with the ever-increasing development of the Polish space sector and the successes of our members. Events as above also increase public awareness of the scale of achievements of Polish companies in space, which significantly affects the promotion of entities existing on the Polish space market. We hope that more and more of this will happen every month!

(Picture: NASA)