Pyramid Games is a computer game development studio founded in 2012. Their head office is in Lublin. This studio has created a game that can interest every lover of space – Rover Mechanic Simulator. This is a dexterity and puzzle game in which the player plays the role of a mechanic repairing Mars rovers so that they can continue their missions to explore the Red Planet. It is the second production of the Lublin studio and is a kind of tribute to the Opportunity rover, whose mission ended in 2019.

Rover Mechanic Simulator is not an easy game. The game mechanics are extremely faithful to the real world, where every little detail matters. The player can, for example, disassemble the parts extracted from the interior of the robot into smaller components, which are later subjected to separate maintenance to save resources for more difficult tasks. During repair work, players have at their disposal tools in the workshop, such as: 3D printer, soldering iron, crusher, or crane, which can also be developed during the game.

Rover Mechanic Simulator was created in addition to the previous studio game – Occupy Mars, in which the player plays the role of a settler settling on the surface of Mars. His task is to survive and develop a new civilization in the face of the hostile circumstances of nature, which destroys his shelter and resources, and his own weaknesses. During the game, the player decides about every aspect: how his shelter will look, how he will get resources, or how he will move. Success depends not only on the proper development of civilization on the Red Planet, but also to meet the basic needs: food, drink, sleep and most importantly – oxygen.

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