Together with the Spanish Embassy and ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, the Polish Space Industry Association has the pleasure to invite you to the conference entitled Polish-Spanish Space Industry Day,which will take place on January 17, 2019 in Warsaw. The honorary patron of the event are the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology and Polish Space Agency, and the conference partners are Centro para el Desarollo Tecnológico Industrial, the TEDAE industry association, Polish Space Industry Association and Airbus Inc, GMV Innovating Solutions Ltd, Indra i Sener Ltd.

The main goal of the conference is to present strategic plans and exchange experiences by representatives of government institutions, present the potential of Poland and Spain in the field of space technologies and search for opportunities for business cooperation.

After the institutional part, networking between Spanish and Polish companies from the space industry will take place. Companies interested in participating in the conference can apply via the application form.

As of today, representatives of the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, the Polish Space Agency, the Spanish Ministry of Defense, CDTI and TEDAE have confirmed their participation in the event. The conference will be attended by a large group of Spanish entrepreneurs.

SPACE PL was one of the initiators of the meeting and from the very beginning cooperated with the Spanish embassy in Poland, effectively seeking to invite guests from CDTI, TEDAE and the Spanish Ministry of National Defense. Several times we also passed recommendations regarding the agenda of the meeting, company presentations and B2B sessions. However, the final version of the agenda will be prepared by the embassy itself. Agenda available here – Polish-Spanish Space Industry Day Agenda

More information on the conference is provided by the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy, Mr. Leszek Winiarek, phone: 22 617 15 90, email:

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