The Polish Space Industry Association was awarded by Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu with a special prize in the contest Konstelacje ARP 2022. The SPACE PL was distinguished for efficient and effective work for the Polish space industry development. 

The SPACE PL has been striving for the right framework for the space industry for decade. The organisation was established parallelly to the membership of Poland in the European Space Agency in order to represent the interests of R&D institutes and start-ups towards the government. At the beginning, the number of members of the SPACE PL amounted to dozen entities to 70 units in 2020. Both domestic and foreign companies are members of the organisation. The SPACE PL is the only organisation that represents a majority of the R&D entities and companies operating in the Polish market.

In the last 10 years, the SPACE PL realised a wide spectrum of projects aimed at developing and promoting the sector. It participated in working out of the Polish Space Strategy, following drafts of the National Space Programe, recommendations for the Polish Delegation to ESA on the Polish subscription to the organisation. It took also part in consultations of a variety range of normative and non-normative acts, programs and solutions for the space industry. The SPACE PL is a co-organizer of the Polish Fellowship Programme aimed at attracting and recruiting interns for our entities. It is a member of the international organisation SME4Space.

Joanna Baksalary, a member of the SPACE PL board, receiving the prize, underlined that the SPACE PL was proud of its role, achievements but also responsibility. Thereby, the organisation was going to be a significant voice of the space, using its knowledge and experience in creating the best solutions for the space industry in Poland.