Creotech to be the first space company listed on the main floor of the GPW.

Creotech Instruments S.A., a producer of satellite platforms and systems as well as software dedicated to quantitive computers made its debut on the main floor of the GPW (the Warsaw Stock Exchange). Since October, the company has been already listed on the smaller – New Connect market. The public offer stood at 39,65 mln PLN with over 396,000 securities. 95% of them were taken up by institutional investors.

Creotech was established in 2012 r. Two years later, the state owned Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA, became a strategic shareholder of the company. Creotech’s flagship project is the Hypersat multi-mission microsatellite platform weighing between 10 and 60 kg, equipped with an onboard supercomputer, SDR radio, based on the SpaceVPX standard and compatible with CubeSat modules. The company possesses special production facilities dedicated to space projects (three clean rooms with a total of 250 m2 as well as production and testing equipment).

Creotech has developed 25 projects for the space sector so far. It also includes a wide spectrum of projects for the European Space Agency.