The Ministry of National Defence has settled the competition for the best engineering thesis, master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation in the field of technologies, techniques and space and satellite engineering as well as autonomous systems. A member of the SPACE PL is among the winners.

The jury chaired by col. Marcin Górka, director of the Department of Innovation of the Ministry of National Defence, decided to award a total of nine works in four categories of the competition. In category III – a doctoral dissertation with a potential of implementation in the field of state defence or security, the first prize was awarded to Dawid Kuchta for his work devoted to the use of microwave GaN HEMT transistors in power amplifiers for radar N / O modules. The dissertation was written under the supervision of prof. dr. hab. Wojciech Wojtasiak.

Dawid Kuchta is a president of Microamp Solutions sp. z o.o. This company from Lublin operates in the highly advanced telecommunications technology sector. The company deals with the development and implementation of radio interfaces (RF) for 5G networks and wireless communication systems. It has some of the best radio chips in the world for future cellular networks, including 5G. The company received, in the frame of the fourth round of the NCBR, financing over PLN 8 million for the development of the 5G network infrastructure. The project concerns the so-called transceivers (radio heads) operating in the millimetre-wave band (mmWave) for 5G network systems.