We are pleased to announce that media patronage of the Space Sector Forum 2016 was taken by Polish magazine “Uważam Rze” which is dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Interesting, opinion-forming articles, inspirational stories from the world of business, as well as details about subscription – all of them you can find on their website: www.uwazamrze.pl

We would like to remind that Space Sector Forum will be held on 9 March 2016. The event is prepared in the intention to indicate the potential of Polish space industry as well as policy directions for the forthcoming years. In addition to the conference, an exhibition involving national space business and science will run alongside and showcase the projects, products and services developed under an European Space Agency contracts. Therefore, the event will be an outstanding opportunity to gather the fundamental information about previous and further Polish space sector activities.

In the same time it will serve primarily as an occasion to initiate the discussion on the contemporary key Polish space issues and to strengthen the cooperation in national and international scale.