On October 7, 2022, the biggest educational avionic event returns to Warsaw   

It is a rare opportunity to see the backstage of the Polish and worldwide aerospace industry. Instytut Lotnictwa has been inviting fans to explore its usually unavailable facilities for over a decade. This year, the Institute will present three aerodynamic tunnels and numerous laboratories, including these concerning hybrid propulsions, environmental research, composite materials, material science, heat exchange, liquid mechanics as well as so-called the engine’s school.

Space rockets and more interesting aircrafts

35 planes are planned to be presented, including military, acrobatic, training and historic aircrafts. For the first time, during the Night, the flagship copter Bölkow Bo-105 is to be presented. In the area of copters, there will be also such machines as Robinson R44, military copters Mi-8 i W-3WA as well as copter rescue copter.

In turn, among the novelties there will be two unique aeroplanes: SB LIM-2, which is the only one of three flying copies in Europe (and one of fewer than 10 fully operational aircrafts in the world) and the LIM-2 – the only flying single-seater aircraft from the family of MiG-15bis and simultaneously the only currently flying LIM-2 in the world.

There will also be a lot of interesting presentations of the B+R projects such as a suborbital rocket ILR-33 BURSZTYN, rocket engines and drones.

Wide spectrum of other interesting machines

Organizers plan to show a wide spectrum of other interesting machines such as the best world’s aerobatic airship Extra 330 SC (which has won almost all medal places at the world championships for years), the Turbolet L-410 UVP-E15 plane (so-called „the Parrot” ) used for the aviation inspection by the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, as well as the Polish training and training airship PZL-130 „Orlik” and the Bushcat plane, built by a couple of aviation enthusiasts.

Traditionally, the event will also feature military CASA C-295M and M-28B / PT planes (so-called „Bryza”).

Firing off the planes’ engines

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see demonstrations of aircraft engines firing up. This year there will be six performances carried out by Harvard, Iskra and LIM-2 planes.


Fans of simulators will also find a wide offer. The three-hour simulator show will be performed by the „Virtual White-Red Sparks” team. The show will be modeled on the layout of the „White-Red Sparks” aerobatic team for 7 aeroplanes. Before the show, visitors will be able to try their hand at the controls of the plane on a simulator. Other flight simulators will also be available throughout the event, including F16, Boeing 747, CESSNA, PIRAT glider, parachute jumps, RC models as well as a tower simulator and gyroscopes simulating the pilot’s working conditions.

More information is available here: http://www.nocwinstytucielotnictwa.pl/atrakcje/.