For the second time, the Polish Space Industry Association and the Polish Space Agency have supported the promotion of entities forming the Polish space sector during the MSPO. In this year’s edition, almost 20 national entities benefited from the joint stand of the Polish space sector.


The aim of the stand was to promote the achievements and potential of the national space industry entities and to create a place for talks between their representatives and business partners.

List of entities presenting at the joint stand.

At the stand, you could see interesting exhibits such as a model of the SAR satellite made by ICEye,  Sybilla space observation system, SpaceForest Bigos-4 rocket model or Scanway’s demonstrator of a multispectral scanner with a rotating mirror. Information and materials about the activities of domestic enterprises developing space technology were also provided. As Ph.D. Barbara Wajnchold from InPhoTech Sp. z o.o. commented: “We want our company to be identified as a company that also operates in the space sector, because of that the opportunity to participate in the exhibition was very important to us. The ZPSK and PAK catalogs were definitely helpful. Many space-related photonic technologies are used in defense, e.g. in critical infrastructure monitoring or aviation. I think that joint talks between both sectors are very important and can bring added value.”  This is also confirmed by Ph.D. Aleksandra Bukała, Managing Director of Creotech Instruments SA: “We can present our own achievements and talk with partners and potential clients. We also have the opportunity to get to know the armaments industry and the expectations of the Polish Armed Forces better and to use what we have learned in space engineering for security and defense. Poland needs an injection of new technologies in this area, and space companies can contribute to raising the national potential of the defense industry.”

Colonel Rafał Borek, Director of the Department of Defense Projects of the Polish Space Agency, underlines the importance of cooperation between space technologies and defense: “The offer of Polish space industry entities for the defense and security sector is constantly growing. It is worth mentioning the solutions for the satellite recognition of the situation on Earth and the tracking of objects in space, as well as the products in the field of secure satellite communication and navigation for the army and public administration. These areas are directly related to large EC programs like SST and GovSatCom  – in which Poland wants to participate, which is what the Polish Space Agency is trying enable. Also, the scientific projects of rocket engines and control systems currently being developed in Poland are dual-use solutions, which – similarly to civil constructions of rocket technology demonstrators – may in the future constitute the basis for defense solutions. Defense and security needs have been, and still are, one of the driving forces in the development of space technologies worldwide, so we are pleased that for another year in a row we are hosting representatives of Polish enterprises at our stand at MSPO, who can present their solutions here and identify the needs of the defense sector.”

Last year, the 25th edition of MSPO was attended by a record number of 618 companies from 28 countries and over 35 thousand visitors. “The MSPO trade fair is the largest in our region of Europe. It is attended by representatives of the world’s leading companies from the armaments and space industries.” – says Ph.D. Bukała and emphasizes that PAK and ZPSK enable Polish companies, especially SMEs, to participate in such an important event.

This year’s edition of the MSPO took place under the banner of the 100th anniversary of the Independent Polish State. It was visited by the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, and the Minister of National Defense, Mr. Mariusz Błaszczak. Hertz Systems, on the other hand, organized a special meeting with General Mirosław Hermaszewski.

The Polish Space Industry Association hopes that next year, once again, we will be able to support members of the ZPSK and promote the use of space technologies in military technologies.

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