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dr inż. Dariusz Walczak
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BitByBit sp.z o.o. is a company dealing with solving complex business and scientific issues with the use of information technology. Our engineers specialize in optimization, algorithmics and machine learning. Using agile methodologies, we create web and mobile applications for our clients using the Python, Java and Javascript programming languages and accompanying tools. We work with large companies, research units, NGOs and startups. Since the beginning of BitByBit, we have been intensively cooperating with companies from the space sector, creating software for the European Space Agency. In the space sector, the company focuses on software supporting the ground segment, including monitoring and management of space missions.

Products & Services
  • Web applications – using technologies like: HTML, CSS, JS, ReactJS,
  • Mobile applications – using ReactNative and Angular framework,
  • Scientific software development – using: NumPy, SciPy and R language,
  • Backend development – using Python and Django, Java, and OSGI/Play frameworks.
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ESA cooperation

Our cooperation with ESA started in 2015 when we supported ITTI Sp.zo.o. with the project The Technology Framework For The Development Of Modular, Portable, and Adaptive Human-Machine Interfaces in Ground Segment Software Product: Since then the BitByBit company realized the following projects for ESA:

  • EGS-CC Web Interface (project for ESA) –  project for ESA whose purpose was to build a proof of concept of the web interface that interacts with existing EGS-CC kernel through dedicated OSGi bundle. The front-end application will communicate with the existing ESA system through the dedicated bundle – OSGi-JS bridge. The proposed proof of concept is focusing on visualization of reporting data.
  • WebUI (project for ESA) is a set of ReactJS components dedicated to the Space Industry. Thanks to the library engineers from ESA can quickly prepare applications for scientists conducting observations. The library is compatible with the emerging Common Core standard and is applicable in all ground ESA systems. JS-Bridge is an OSGi library that allows interaction with space systems compliant with the Common Core standard through Internet technologies such as REST or Web Socket.
  • EGS-CC Web-based user interface – the web user interface for EGS-CC. It is a production-ready web application that covers all functionality of the existing EGS-CC UI eclipse application. It will be a lightweight and flexible alternative to the Eclipse-based EGS-CC heavy client. To achieve this goal, the client will be implemented using web technologies, which are characterized by very low cost in terms of development time and required resources, as well as maintenance and support. Thanks to this solution, it will be possible to introduce the full automation of EGS-CC tests.

Selected other projects

  • Geoplan is a geoportal supporting public participation in spatial planning. We’ve implemented two complementary methods of public participation in spatial planning: (1) analytic-deliberative process and (2) SoftGIS method, in which residents’ local knowledge is elicited by means of map-based questionnaires. The project is funded by The National Center for Research and Development (PBS3/A9/39/2015).Technology: We use Python/Django for server site and React and React for front-end and React-Native for a mobile app.
  • Homini SOS is a social application that connects disabled people with volunteers who are willing to help. Thanks to the application disabled person can easily report the problem that volunteers will be able to quickly resolve. Technology: Python/Django for server site and React-Native for mobile application.
  • VTracker is a vessel monitoring solution based on the Automatic Identification System. It consists of two sides, on vessel client and server. Designed and build for Bibby Offshore Ltd. Technology: Django/Python for the server and Go Lang for the client application.
  • Space Engagers – web-based tool enterprise which enables communities to engage with local issues and spaces that matter to them through interactive mapping. Thanks to the platform it is possible to bring together the observations, knowledge and ideas of citizens into one map to help reveal the bigger picture and provide a platform for discussion and innovation. The project was built with Python, Django, Postgresql with PostGIS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS.
  • Ecostructure – a web-based platform with interactive maps and GIS analysis was built to raise awareness of eco-engineering solutions to the challenge of coastal adaptation to climate change by providing developers and regulators with accessible tools and resources, based on interdisciplinary research in the fields of ecology, engineering and socioeconomics. The project was built with Python, Django, Postgresql with PostGIS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS.