Blue Dot Solutions Sp z o.o.
Maciej Mickiewicz
Executive Vice-President
Short Description

Blue Dot Solutions sp. z o.o. is the company created on the basis of sp. z o.o., founded by graduates of Polish and foreign universities, who had various experience in conducting space industry projects. Currently the company is offering technological expertise services, as well as product definition of services utilising satellite data and providing information services related to the space sector. The company is also offering consulting services, matchmaking of Polish and international partners, as well as advanced market analysis for space developments in Poland and Europe. Together with Black Pearls VC fund, the City of Gdańsk, Interizon Foundation and other regional partners Blue Dot Solutions is developing the Space3ac space accelerator, which is based on the POSITION and CaBilAvi projects (both conducted within the Horizon 2020 programme), supporting entities developing products and solutions based on satellite navigation.

The company is also working on internal projects utilising Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Earth Observation, integrated applications and microcontrollers. One of them is the continuation of an earlier project carried out for the European Space Agency and the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Jordan in the Middle East (water management area).

The interdisciplinary team of the company has a broad contact network in over 50 countries, and in such space industry centers as: ECSAT (Harwell), ESTEC (Noordwijk), ESRIN (Frascati), the City of Bremen, ESA Business Incubation Bavaria and the network offered by the International Space University. The company’s results are regularly presented and published at International Astronautical Congresses (IAC). In the 2015 IAC in Jerusalem the company organised the first commercial stand of the Polish space industry presented at this event.

Products & Services
Services & applications based on data from EO satellites
Services & applications based on data from navigation satellites
Integrated applications

Consulting and information services:

  • technological expertise such as small satellite usage, creation of integrated applications, analysis of the development perspective of rocket technologies, etc;
  • consulting services;
  • support consulting activities in dedicated areas (upcoming project calls, competitors, markets, development perspectives, links to the European space industry);
  • dedicated reports on the state of the Polish and European/Global space sector customized to the profile of the ordering entity;
  • public available reports on the state of the space sector;
  • mediation in finding partners and market entry for Poland and abroad;
  • support in investment activities for partners in Poland,
  • representation services in professional events;
  • outreach activities – websites and dedicated promotion and information campaigns;
  • partner activities in ESA, European Commission (Horizon 2020) and other projects.

Applications and hardware projects:

  • the company conducts work on dedicated applications in such areas as improvement of life quality, disaster management services efficiency and water management functionality,
  • partnership in integrated application projects utilising satellite assets (GNSS, Landsat and Sentinel data);
  • organising the Polish edition of the Galileo Masters competition and Startup Weekend Space, where the partners are supporting the development of Polish integrated applications;
  • technological expertise and requirements definition in projects related to communication, data management, data input and processing.

The stratospheric Hevelius platform:

  • the stratospheric platform is developed as an internal R&D project allowing to host payload experiments simulating microgravity;

Advertising services on the portal:
The Blue Dot Solutions company is the owner of the brand – the largest Polish language space news service. Since 2009 over seven thousand articles, reports, summaries and analyses on the space industry have been published. The company also manages the Polish language desk at ESA. The website is visited monthly by 50 – 55 thousand unique readers. The website maintains an English language section focusing on events in Europe and Poland. Advertising and outreach services are offered such as:

  • banners on the portal,
  • sponsored texts and advertising articles, including free of charge profiles for companies of the aerospace, GIS and similar sectors,
  • patronage activities,
  • advertisement sections in leaflets and reports,
  • other cooperation options such as sponsoring of scientific and technological activities, including title sponsorship



TD 2 Space System Software
TD 3 Spacecraft Electrical Power
TD 4 Spacecraft Environment & Effects
TD 9 Mission Operation and Ground Data systems
TD 10 Flight Dynamics and GNSS
TD 11 Space Debris
TD 13 Automation, Telepresence & Robotics
TD 14 Life & Physical Sciences
TD 15 Mechanisms & Tribology
TD 17 Optoelectronics
TD 20 Structures & Pyrotechnics
TD 21 Thermal
TD 24 Material & Processes
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  • On Board Data Systems
  • Space Systems Software
  • Spacecraft Environment & Effects
  • System Design & Verification
  • Mission Operation and Ground Data systems
  • Space Debris
  • Ground Station System and Networks
  • Materials & Processes
  • Based on Satellite navigation
  • Integrated Applications


  • consulting activities related to market research and finding niche areas,
  • partnership in projects related to integrated applications utilising satellite data,
  • utilising new technological solutions in satellite navigation for civil aviation,
  • development of the Hevelius stratospheric platform,
  • application projects (Space4Med, UHID, MEDVIEW-AR and others) utilising satellite data and own electronic hardware components.

Conducted in an internal R&D project named Hevelius. Within this project work is conducted on a small, recoverable stratospheric platform able to host different kinds of technology, demonstrative, biology and education payloads.

The company maintains an own office in Gdańsk at the Olivia Business Centre and a computer lab (EAGLE, Matlab + Signal Processing Toolbox). In a dedicated electronic workshop the following equipment is present: a Zoltrax M200 3d Printer, soldering stations, measure instruments, a Vision Mantic Compact 3D microscope and an oscilloscope.


  • Industrial Development Agency (ARP),
  • Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN),
  • European Space Agency,
  • academic entities,
  • Interizon ICT Cluster,
  • Ministry of Digital Affairs,
  • Polish Space Agency (POLSA),
  • Polish Agency for Enterprise Development,
  • Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSSE).