Cilium Engineering Sp. z o. o.
Danuta Łęgowska
Short Description

Cilium Engineering Sp. z o. o. is a start-up/ spin out company established in 2013 to commercialize solutions developed during the work on scientific projects. The company’s scope of activities includes the implementation of projects in the space industry for domestic and foreign clients. The company implements projects from technology readiness levels 2 to 7.

Products & Services

The scope of the company’s work includes ground-based observation systems dedicated to satellites and space junk (mainly wide-angle), astronomical observatory management systems, and automation systems dedicated to astronomical observatories.

More Info

The company has global experience in bringing advanced algorithms, devices and technologies to market. The company provides customized solutions designed to meet the rigorous requirements of advanced robotic systems.


  • European Space Agency,
  • Polish Space Agency,
  • Astronomical Observatories and Science Centers.