GMV Innovating Solutions Sp z o.o.
Paweł Wojtkiewicz
Business Development Executive
Short Description

GMV Innovating Solutions Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2008 as a fully owned subsidiary in Poland of the international technology group GMV. The company develops in Poland the whole GMV portfolio of activities and performs their own projects with particular focus on three industries: Space, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), defense and security. The global aim of GMV Innovating Solutions Sp. z o.o. activities is to provide IT solutions, integrated systems, specialized hi-tech products and services with close cooperation with clients and end-users. Within few years GMV Poland become reliable partner, products and service provider for European Space Agency, European prime contractors and satellite operators. GMV Poland possesses their own technical and service facilities and 80% of its employers are engineers (IT specialists, mechanics and telecommunication specialists).

Products & Services
Services & applications based on data from EO satellites
Services & applications based on data from navigation satellites
Services & applications based on satellites telecommunication
Integrated applications


  • Ground segment design and integration
  • Ground Stations Monitoring Control Systems
  • Ground Control Systems
  • Flight Dynamics Systems
  • Payload Data Processing
  • Mission planning
  • Mission Analysis and Engineering Support
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems (GNC)
  • Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS)
  • On-board software
  • Independent Software Validation
  • GNSS-based applications development for different markets
  • Autonomy and space robotics
  • Services for different markets based on integrated satellites applications


  • hifly® – multimission multisatellite system for satellite monitoring and control, providing full integrated, homogenic support for big fleets of various satellites.
  • focuSuite – an unique software created especially for the need of flight dynamics of most satellite missions with the aim to develop non-standard solutions with high output.
  • flexplan – GMV´s Commercial Off-The- Shelf solution for Generic Mission Planning and Scheduling. It manages the complete sequence of tasks related to the generation of a mission schedule, starting from the reception of mission events or instrument user requests, up to the generation of the complete conflict-free operational schedule. flexplan can easily support any complex mission, from Earth or Lunar observation to scientific interplanetary, and from single to multi- spacecraft.
  • magnet – a ground station and communication network monitoring and control system offering an advanced graphical interface, fully integrated with Hifly®.
  • smart rings – a product family supporting operators in payload management and control, management and optimalization of the transmission plan, moving antennas pointing and satellite power consumption evaluation.



TD 1 On Board Data Systems
TD 2 Space System Software
TD 5 Space System Control
TD 6 RF Payload and Systems
TD 8 System Design & verification
TD 9 Mission Operation and Ground Data systems
TD 10 Flight Dynamics and GNSS
TD 11 Space Debris
TD 13 Automation, Telepresence & Robotics
TD 25 Quality, Dependability and Safety
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  • Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) for Phootprint Descent and Landing

Design and development algorithms for Phootprint mission

  • PROBA-3

Relative GPS, Formation Flying Subsystem Phases C/D/E1


Mission Analysis, Phase B1

  • CCSDS MO Services Prototype

Design and prototyping of a sample service for verification and validation CCSDS concepts

  • aData Processing Centre – Task Manager (DPCTM) product

Payload data processing service for SWARM mission

  • Optimizing intermodal freight transport through European ports – EUROPORT

Improvement of routing of transport and scheduling of freight transport.


  • 1100 square meters full equipped office with IT infrastructure with dedicated software.
  • Laboratory and service facilities
  • CMMI Level 5 certificate
  • UE and National Secret Clearance Certificate for Enterprise