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Hertz Systems Ltd is a leading company in the electronic engineering and telematics sector. We are offering the newest technologies in the defense, security, space, transport and telecommunications sector. Our main activities (design, development, production, equipment and systems maintenance) are based on innovative solutions, through which we are able to meet the high demands of our clients from the complex and dynamic growing new technology market.

We have a team of highly qualified employees with extensive work experience with government agenciess, economic entities and partners from around the world. We conduct our activities in two areas. The first one is the development and service of the tactical systems data exchange technology for the military industry: the Link 16 engineering infrastructure; the Ground to Ground Communication infrastructure; a GPS terminal with SAASM for military platforms with time patterns and frequencies; a satellite monitoring, reporting and planning system; guard monitoring; military teleinformatic and security infrastructure. The second one are development activities based on civilian GPS technology of teleinformatic systems: GPS HERTZ FLOTA – management of a vehicle fleet; GPS HERTZ PRM security management systems; GPS HERTZ POL – police and city guard vehicle monitoring; dedicated monitoring systems; security systems

Products & Services
Services & applications based on data from EO satellites
Services & applications based on data from navigation satellites
Services & applications based on satellites telecommunication
Integrated applications

PRODUCTS: HGPST T – a military platform satellite navigation receiver designed to be integrated with the SAASM module. HGPST H – a handheld GPS receiver. GPS HERTZ 210 – a localizer for secret object monitoring. SMW2 – a monitoring and supervision system for guard duties. HSITREP MIL – a satellite positioning system to report and plan vehicle moving. Flota 2 – a monitoring and management system for a vehicle fleet. ALC01 – an airport edge lights driver. SERVICES: – designing, installing, implementation, accreditation and security systems servicing – implementation and communication systems installing (LINK 16 included)

TD 2 Space System Software
TD 6 RF Payload and Systems
TD 8 System Design & verification
TD 10 Flight Dynamics and GNSS
TD 12 Ground Station System and Networks
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AREAS OF ACTIVITY IN THE SPACE SECTOR: – On Board Data-Systems – RF Payload and Systems – Ground Station System and Networks RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT AREAS – Time references and frequencies supported by the GPS system for military applications. – Digital data processing from fuel sensors in mechanical vehicles LABORATORY AND TECHNICAL FACILITIES – a cryptographic office – a confidential office – a server room – half-automatic surface mount device and through-hole technology workstations – software and product testing workplaces – circuit activating and testing workstations – a mechanical workshop – a garage for electronics installation in vehicles CLIENTS AND PARTNERS – Police – military – ambulatory services – NATO Division of Defense Investment – NATO agencies – LUBZEL – Poszukiwania Naftowe DIAMENT – transport companies – energy companies