Jakusz SpaceTech Sp z o.o.
Bartosz Jakusz
Short Description

Company was settled in 2015 for dealing space applications with specialization in propellant, rocket technologies, research and development projects. It is the derivative of  Jakusz Sp. z o.o. (protection against explosion, munitions disposal, chamber for safe transportation of explosives, EMC protection), existing since 1985, and both belong to SME sector.

Products & Services

Main activities of Jakusz SpaceTech are: 

  • Production of 98% Hydrogen Peroxide (HTP) MIL-16005PRF
  • Production of HTPB
  • Mechanical Ground Support Equipment
  • Chemical engineering
  • Research Services (physico-chem, metallurgy, polymers)

Company provides also training services from handling Hydrogen Peroxide. Such training was performed for ESA. Jakusz SpaceTech is also investigating with partners technologies such as:

  • rocket engines
  • propellants
  • fuel cells
  • chemical engineering (oxygen extraction from lunar regolith
  • neutralisation of process gases
  • underwater drones

On company premises there is production and research facilities and design team. In the facility there is chemical laboratory in clean room.


TD 13 Automation, Telepresence & Robotics
TD 19 Propulsion
TD 20 Structures & Pyrotechnics
TD 24 Material & Processes
More Info

Up to this day company staff participated in following projects in which company was Prime contractor:

  • 1. “Horizon 2020” Programme – SME Instrument
    Sub-contractors: 2 entities
    Goal: Design of mobile container based platform for manufacturing Hydrogen Peroxide


  • 2. ESA: “High Concentration Hydrogen Peroxide Safety Validation Testing”
    Sub-contractors: 4 entities
    Goal: Production technology validation accordingly to MIL-16005PRF. Homologation of packings for transportation.


  • 3. ESA: “Hydrogen Peroxide Storability/ Compatibility Verification”
    Sub-contractors: 11 entities
    Goal: Physico-chem tests of Hydrogen Peroxide. Research showing with which materials (polymers, and metals) HTP is compatible and with which is not.


  • 4. ESA: “Optimization of passivation parameters for different aluminium alloys”
    Sub-contractors: 3 entities
    Goal: Creation of procedure for making protective layer on alliminium alloys which will protect then against corrosive substances

Jakusz SpaceTech is open to join in innovative projects in any role (prime, sub-contractor, consultant, supplier). We are interested in development of new products and services with other partners and commercialize them into market.