JoinThe.Space Sp. z o.o.
Daniel Płudowski
Short Description

JoinThe.Space (www.JoinThe.Space) is a portal dedicated to the space industry, bringing together more than 50 young and talented individuals from 25 countries in its closest environment. We reach out to 44 countries worldwide, creating a global network of people engaged in projects related to space technologies. Our goal is to become a leading global hub for the space sector, reaching every technical institution worldwide and enabling both young professionals and experienced experts to pursue their dreams and fulfill their ambitions.

Products & Services

Our main area of activity involves managing the portal (, where we aggregate job offers from the space sector, publish articles on space-related topics, and facilitate connections between investors and individuals developing space projects. We provide support in terms of career counseling, building brand visibility, as well as assistance in the development of startups. With our global reach, we are open to collaboration in areas such as expanding business into new markets, starting from researching local needs and opportunities to recruitment-related areas. We are also working on a new product related to space technologies that will be beneficial for our global audience.

More Info

Additional projects completed in 2023:

Webinars on „How to Start a Career in the Polish Space Sector” – online meetings with 7 top companies, gathering over 500 participants.

Catalogue of European Student Organizations – compiled in one place, featuring 80 student organizations involved in space technology development. For 2024, we plan to release an updated catalog encompassing 200 entities from 44 countries worldwide.

Co-organization of the UP! Student Conference, supporting the Student Council under the President of POLSA (Polish Space Industry Association) and the Polish Space Agency.

Report on „Expectations of Future Workers in the Space Industry” aimed at better understanding the expectations of individuals entering the job market.

Clients and Partners:

Companies, Institutes and Agencies in the Space Sector, Actively Recruiting for Their Projects.