Absiskey Polska (former Kapitech Sp z o.o.)
Paweł Kwiatkowski
Head of Warsaw Office
Short Description

Absiskey is an engineering company specialized in innovation management in the space business and consulting. With more than 20 years of experience across Europe, we have developed a universal approach towards public institutions and private companies to effectively support development of their innovation in space sector.

Products & Services
Services & applications based on data from EO satellites
Services & applications based on data from navigation satellites
Services & applications based on satellites telecommunication
Integrated applications


  • Strategic consultancy in space
  • Support in bid management
  • Strengthen the market
  • Improve client operational performance



More Info

Absiskey provides:

  • direct access to the major space stakeholders and to the network of more than 200 space organizations in Europe,
  • cooperation with senior experts from key space institutions and industry (Airbus, ESA and many others),
  • result oriented team, fully commited to success of our missions,
  • proven methodologies and production rate managed planning. We are bound by the strictest ethical and confidentiality rules and assure the confidentiality of the information shared by a client.