KP LABS Sp. z o.o.
Iullia Marushchak
Short Description

KP Labs was established in 2016 by a group of engineers and scientists from the Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland, who saw upcoming business potential in applying machine learning algorithms to solve real-life problems. The company’s mission is to accelerate space exploration through the advancement of autonomous spacecraft operations and robotic technology.

The engineering team is working mainly on developing processing units (DPU, OBC with DPU), together with AI-based solutions for space applications such as super-resolution reconstruction, hyperspectral satellite imaging analysis, image processing, classification and segmentation, markers processing, and object detection (using both classic and machine learning approaches).

In 2022 KP Labs has opened its private Research and Development Centre. Spanning three floors, the 2370 m2 facility is designed to provide the perfect environment for developing innovative electronics and space technology. It is equipped with a range of specialized labs and facilities, enabling the team to carry out their research and development projects with ease.

Products & Services

KP Labs develops its product line called Smart Mission Ecosystem. For the mission integrators and operators who need to build advanced spacecrafts, Smart Mission Ecosystem (SME) brings together hardware, software, and AI-powered algorithms. Unlike fragmented and unintegratable solutions, the SME was designed with a holistic approach to enable on-board data processing on the payload and satellite level, as well as to make the mission more fault-tolerant and safer.

Smart Mission Ecosystem is built of:

  • Oryx – a modular flight software tool developed for the mission control of small satellites. If components are not directly supported by Oryx, customers can simply extend their simulation by creating customised drivers.
  • Antelope – a combination of an On-Board Computer, and a Data Processing Unit. It is the powerful heart of the satellite, responsible for satellite control and basic task performance.
  • Leopard – a CubeSat standard compliant Data Processing Unit based on Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ enabling mission designers to apply AI solutions in space. It was designed to support the capturing, managing, and processing of data in orbit.
  • Lion –  a Data Processing Unit for advanced operations with the use of artificial intelligence and on-board data processing. The Lion DPU is dedicated to micro and small satellites weighing between 50 and 500kg.
  • Oasis – a single-board, CubeSat PC-104 compatible EGSE (electrical ground support equipment) that enables the running of a complete flight version of software on actual hardware before the subsystems are physically present.
  • The Herd – a group of on-board AI-powered algorithms for image correction & data analysis dedicated to Earth Observation.


  • Space system integrators and operators
  • International space agencies
  • Small and medium-sized companies in the space sector
  • Universities
TD 1 On Board Data Systems
TD 2 Space System Software
TD 5 Space System Control
TD 8 System Design & verification
TD 9 Mission Operation and Ground Data systems
TD 10 Flight Dynamics and GNSS
TD 13 Automation, Telepresence & Robotics
TD 16 Optics
TD 21 Thermal
More Info

The main project of KP Labs is an EU-funded project of Intuition-1. In this space mission (period of implementation: January 2018-December 2023), the company aims to observe the Earth using a satellite equipped with a hyperspectral instrument and advanced processing of the data on board the satellite using deep convolutional neural networks. Intuition-1 will be a 6U-class satellite, in the shape of a cuboid with dimensions of 10x22x36 cm and a weight of approximately 10 kg.