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Liftero is an orbital transportation company.

It develops propulsion systems and orbital transfer vehicles to address a major challenge faced by satellite operators today: moving satellites between orbits is costly, slow and unreliable.

Liftero’s answer to this problem is the Whisper space mobility system.

At the core of Whisper lies a groundbreaking propulsion technology that uses self-pressurizing, non-toxic propellants. It’s designed to deliver high thrust and maintain a steady state, enabling a cost-effective and rapid transition of satellites between orbits. Equipped with an intelligent control system, Whisper is not just scalable and easy to integrate but also significantly reduces operational risks, thereby enhancing the reliability and efficiency of satellite maneuvers.

Products & Services
  1. „Whisper” – green chemical propulsion system

Liftero offers various thrust levels of Whisper thrusters, each equipped with its distinct set of valves and control units. We provide a turn-key propulsion system, including propellant tanks tailored to your mission specifications.


Our propulsion system is entirely ITAR-free, operates without the need for preheating, and uses non-toxic propellants that are widely accessible globally. Additionally, we offer an engineering model for seamless integration and testing.


We offer thrusters with thrust levels of 20 N and 2 N, ideal for satellites in the range of 50 – 1000 kg.

  1. MOTUS

Motus is the smallest OTV on the market, providing you with the premium service focused on your needs.


Motus is a compact and highly agile orbital transportation platform that enables any combination of maneuvers tailored to your mission needs. Powered by proprietary high-performance green chemical propulsion, Motus takes you to any LEO orbit faster.


Motus stands out as the most compact orbital transfer vehicle tailored for nanosatellites,  PocketQubes, and in-orbit technology demonstration. It’s powered by our state-of-the-art Whisper green chemical propulsion system, enabling swift and versatile orbital maneuvers – whether it’s phasing, altitude adjustments, or LTAN changes.


At Liftero, we provide a premium, end-to-end last-mile logistic service. Satellite operators can leverage the full payload capacity of Motus for their deployment requirements. Your mission is our top priority — both during ground integration and in space operations.


TD 2 Space System Software
TD 10 Flight Dynamics and GNSS
TD 19 Propulsion
TD 20 Structures & Pyrotechnics
TD 21 Thermal
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Clients and Partners

  • European Space Agency
  • AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Łukasiewicz Research Network
  • OrbAstro
  • The Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion
  • Progresja New Materials