Microamp Solutions Sp. z o.o.
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Microamp Solutions is a deep tech company enabling digitization of the most sophisticated processes by providing customers with innovative 5G & 6G mmWave Private Network deployments. Microamp is a pioneer in long-range mmWave communications, delivering super-fast and ultra-low latency performance into bandwidth-hungry applications such as Live 10K/IR Video Analytics, VR/AR and Metaverse. While collaborating with industry leaders, Microamp always brings to the table our technical expertise, unique products and a broad network of technology partners, ready to deliver even the most bandwidth-hungry use-cases. Microamp networks are based on CellBox Air 5G mmWave Radio Units which enable new-generation Private Networks tailored to boost productivity and allow the digital transformation of industrial environments.

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5G mmWave connectivity

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TD 7 Electromagnetic Technologies and Techniques
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