Planet Partners Sp z o.o.
Łukasz Wilczyński
Short Description

Planet Partners is a specialized agency of integrated communication that provides a complete, strategic communication solutions, prepared according to international standards and trends: from the idea, through analysis and strategies and  the effective implementation of planned solutions. We are one of the leaders involved in the marketing and dissemination of knowledge about the sector of innovative economy. As the only Polish agency we belong to the global network of GlobalCOM-PR Network. Planet Partners is also the co-founder and organizer of the award-winning, Europe’s largest open-space event European Rover Challenge.

Products & Services
Integrated applications

Planet Partners is one of the leaders on the Polish market, marketing, promotion and dissemination of knowledge about the sector of innovative economy. Our strong point is the experience in the field of communication and strategy in the areas of specialization. Our projects are characterized by high creativity and innovative solutions. They are implemented on the basis of our own developed methods and tools. Planet Partenrs is preparing a comprehensive solution from a strategic plan, through creative solutions, management and monitoring of the project. As the only Polish entity we belong to one of the best global network of communication agencies – GlobalCom-PR Network. The quality of service and standards compliance of actions by Planet PR are evidenced by the fact of belonging to the Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association.

1. Strategic Marketing for companies of innovative sector of the economy including:

  • Planning and implementation of marketing and communication strategies and programs. Construction of new brands from scratch to deployment and management.
  • Preparation, coordination and implementation of communication and information campaigns (including media planning and buying).
  • Implementation of communication activities and special events in Poland and abroad.

2. Introducing brands to foreign markets.
3. Consulting and training in strategic planning, image management, public speaking and events organization.
4. The organization of international business, educational and promotional events.
5. Dissemination of knowledge about the cosmic – robotic sector among various target groups (B2G, B2B, B2C). Creating of knowledge databases and marketing content. Services of expert positioning.


  • Planet Global – product of integrated communication based on the competence and resources of a global network of PR agencies – Globalcom PR-Network.
  • Planet VR – service of visualization technology / infrastructure in 2D / 3D and VR e.g. OculusRift.
  • Planet Media – the product of creating video content with its own channel of communication and sales to partner networks.
  • EduPlanet – educational product based on a special substantive program using resources of agencies in the scope of learning and potential of analogs of Mars robots. Also, it’s a support and organization of educational projects and competitions.


  • European Rover Challenge – it’s the largest European space–robotics event dedicated to both the general public and foreign companies of innovation sector. What is more, it’s aimed for R&D institutes and young designers from all over the world. The event includes: competition of Mars rovers, Science and Technology Shows and the Conference of Science and Commerce. Every year partners of the event are the biggest industry players, among others, The European Space Agency, the Ministries and government agencies. The event was awarded in prestigious industry competitions including Stevie Awards, MP Power Awards or Golden Clips. More on the event page



More Info

The group of key clients and partners include: 

  • HID Global (Grupa Assa Adbloy),
  • Axis Communications,
  • Physio-Control,
  • Maxell,
  • The Mars Society,
  • The City of Krakow,
  • The National Capital Fund,
  • GlobalCOM- PR Network.