Scanway Sp z o.o.
Mikołaj Podgórski
Chief Operations Officer
Short Description

Scanway was founded in 2016 from an initiative of young professionals from optical, mechatronics and measurement industry.

Company base areas of operation are R&D and designing, building and implementation of vision and laser systems, as well as image processing software.

Company completed two projects – FREDE 2015 and DREAM – in educational programmes of European Space Agency which resulted in gaining first experiences in space business. It also allowed us to start optical projects with applications in space.

Products & Services
Services & applications based on data from EO satellites

Solutions from a field of quality control and process control, based on vision technologies and image processing algorithms. Scanway company offers services adapted and matched for every client and project.
Vision systems enhancing laser production processes, especially development and implementation of control systems and on-line control in remote laser processing. Technology consulting and case and feasibility studies for industry and R&D institutes in the fields of measurement system and systems supporting production processes. 3D scanning and analysis of machine elements in terms of quality control of new elements; definition of wearing of elements; quality control of elements after general renovations.
Multispectral vision system. Within ScanSAT project company is developing a scalable, multispectral vision system, which will be able to be implemented in satellites or in UAV.
Main customers:

  • Wrocławski Park Technologiczny




  • Kimbal Electronics


  • Politechnika Wrocławska


  • Nobo Solutions


  • Kugra


  • PGE


  • Space is More


  • Kell Ideas


  • DREAM Project


  • CBK Zakład Fizyki Słońca



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