Semicon Sp z o.o.
Jacek Tomaszewski
Short Description

Semicon Sp. z o. o. was founded in 1987 as an independent company. The continuous development of our product range has resulted in a comprehensive selection of laser sources for industrial and laboratory applications. Semicon Sp. z o.o. is an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) company offering printed circuit boards assembly providing a supply chain management, engineering support and other services related to electronic production which are tailored to customers’ needs. The manufacturing of laser cut stencils for screen printing application is a strong point of our activity. The production is fully combined with our commercial activity in the field of electronic, electromechanical and chemical products distribution. The long-term cooperation with perfectly recognizable foreign suppliers gives us the opportunity to build relationships with the most advanced electronic market in Poland. We are focused on automotive, space, military and medical industry but we also support Polish manufacturers of machines and technological devices. Educated workforce has enabled us to take part in several European research projects and strengthened our activities in this field too. We fully understand and support an innovative projects with participation of Polish entities in order to improve our economic potential on global market.

Products & Services


  • Laser modules
  • Optoelectronic instruments
  • Medical instruments

1. PCB assembly – SMT/THT

  • SnPb, lead free
  • Flex PCB
  • Selective soldering
  • Washing, conformal coating
  • Functional testing
  • ESD packing
  • Components purchasing
  • Box building

2. Laser cut SMT stencil

  • Materials: standard, fine grain, nickel all tensioning systems
  • DEK-ASM Vector Guard stencil license

3. Converting- tape, adhesive transfer tape, VHB, foams die cut, kiss cut, laminating


TD 1 On Board Data Systems
TD 13 Automation, Telepresence & Robotics
TD 16 Optics
TD 17 Optoelectronics
TD 21 Thermal
TD 24 Material & Processes
More Info

Suppliers: (distribution agreements)

  • Components : LEMO, Schurter, Multi-Contact, WECO, Elma, Preci-Dip, Omnetics, 3M, Microprecision
  • Materials: 3M, Fujipoly, Wacker, Momentive, CRC, Aremco


  • Felxtrinics, Kimball, Jabil, LG, Bury, Kongsberg, WITU, WIL, CBK and others
  • University of technology: PW, PWR, PG, PŁ, ITE, IF, ITME, WITU, WIM and others