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Jolanta Hamerlak
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Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry  offers composite structures manufacturing by autoclaved technology along with a research laboratory.  It focused on providing services to the aviation industry, resulting in the need for very high standards in all areas. The company idea is also to introduce the technology used so far in aviation in other areas, such as the yacht, automotive, railway and wind power industry. These new technologies can be used wherever it is necessary to use light and durable materials that guarantee high security to the end user. The company is ready to accompany our clients on every stage of the composite construction – from design to manufacture of finished parts.

Products & Services

The technical infrastructure of the Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry consists of two basic components:

  • Composite structures laboratory that designs and produces complete composite structures or their components.
  • Materials research laboratory, whose range of research includes the static and fatigue tests of complete constructions or their components.
TD 20 Structures & Pyrotechnics
TD 24 Material & Processes
TD 25 Quality, Dependability and Safety
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Quality Management System implemented in the Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry is in compliance with ISO 9001 which ensures the highest level of manufacturing and testing material structures for science and innovation in industry.